Welcome to Pop Offsets

PopOffsets is unique — it is the only project in the world that helps individuals and organizations to offset their carbon footprint by improving family planning provision in both developed and developing countries.


Our project recognizes the intrinsic link between increasing carbon dioxide emissions, climate change and the world’s ever-growing population.

Helping people to avoid unplanned pregnancies is one of the most cost-effective ways of minimising climate change. Moreover, renewable energy solutions, while they may reduce carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels, can have unforeseeable environmental impacts.

PopOffsets helps to sustain the natural environment throughout the world by helping to reduce the pressure placed on it by population.

PopOffsets is a project of Population Matters.

Population Matters is a membership organization working for a global population size that provides environmental sustainability and a good standard of living for all.

The organization is a charity registered in England and Wales and limited by guarantee. Registered charity no. 1114109. Registered company no. 3019081. Registered office: 135-137 Station Road, London E4 6AG.