700 unwanted pregnancies avoided in 6 one-day clinics

Kenyan mother and child

PopOffsets has just released figures from its latest Dandelion Africa project, reporting that it helped Kenyan families avoid 700 unwanted pregnancies through six one-day clinics at a cost of just over £5000.

With no availability and means to provide themselves with effective contraception, PopOffsets and Chase Africa provide these desperately needed services, free of charge, together with support and education.

By investing in Family Planning, the families that are helped are no longer under immense stress that large families can bring.  The families are smaller, happier, children are better cared for. They have a brighter future and parents have more time to spare. This then means the environment is under less pressure from larger numbers of people.

Pop Offsets invests in family planning around the world, in the name of people and the planet.

More information on the latest project can be found here: https://popoffsetssite.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/2/

(2869 CYP @ 0.25 per CYP =  717 pregnancies using Guttmacher Institure calculations https://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/2011/01/24/Guttmacher-CYP-Memo.pdf




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